Dead-lifting raw(without wraps), going heavy has a lot of benefits.Improves grip strength and overall back development.

1)Understanding when to go heavy and when to back off, is much more important.When you go heavy every session, your central nervous system is destined to burnout.

2)If you’re going really heavy, don’t expend to much energy in warming up i.e. use appropriate weights and get the blood flowing quickly.(but adequate warm-up is crucial).

3)Dynamic stretching is apt before your workouts.I am a big fan of plyometric exercises before any big workout.

4)If you’re trying for a 1 rep max, then ensure you do a few back-off sets i.e. reducing the weight and performing few sets.This re-enforces good technique(usually 1 rep max sets are not performed with ideal form and understandably so.

5)Try yoga after a few hours.Surya namaskar is a movement routine which utilizes the whole body and aids in much faster recovery.