The images you see was taken 6 months apart.In both the pics ,I’m the same body weight-76 kilos.The difference?My understanding about diet and nutrition.

The pic on the left- Where I was following an extremely “Keto” Diet , but pushing my body on a daily basis at the gym. I felt the most miserable ,I’ve ever felt.

The pic on the right-I altered my diet with basic proportions of all three- Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats. I was still killing it in the gym but I was fueling it much better.

The Million dollar question asked- What should be the quantity and quality of my nutrition?

The question you need to be asking- Should I revolve my diet with my lifestyle in regard or the other way around?

  • Let me Explain-The central nervous system dictates when an athlete tires and how much the athlete can endure.Being aware of the stress that you put yourself through in and out of the gym should be the crucial factor affecting your diet.
  • The above statement means energy expenditure throughout the day should be taken into account before you decide how many calories deficit\addition should be incorporated.
  • When you do not have enough budget, tracking your macro-nutrients other than protein i.e. Carbohydrates and Fats becomes crucial.When your body is deprived of the building block of muscle(protein), any other macros is used as fuel.
  • In such a  state, reducing your carbohydrates and fats to get ripped will do you more harm,which is essentially the mistake I made.

To transform from the left picture to the right one ,the biggest change in nutrition was,not avoiding any particular food type.Your body requires everything but in moderation.

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