Let’s rewind the scene to 1800’s. Eugene Sandow. The man was ripped AF!


His understandings and fitness regimen was nothing less than the modern routine to say the least.. His ideology about Nutrition and sleep was on point, too.Even today where resistance training for women and children is considered depreciating to their overall health,He preached resistance training to women and adolescents back in 1800’s!

In an era where fitness was not a trend, He believed in experiment based truth.He practiced his principles before preaching it.He was the first person to conduct a bodybuilding show,First person in history to try and market fitness!

Fast forward a few hundred years.

Bro bodybuilding and aesthetic bodybuilding reaches its peak. Aesthetic freaks have become iconic and are being hailed as the pinnacle of the fitness industry.


The common man is familiar with Ketogenic diets and Intermittent Fasting.He is ready to accept the strenuous lifestyle required to look a certain way.Open Instagram and you can see shirtless hunks with Abs that ripple with veins and underage kids with muscular bodies that would put Bruce Lee to shame!

What changed?

It is amazing that in the history of fitness that few people have been able to create such a huge impact and change the course of history and the attitude of General public towards fitness.The influence of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Reg Park was huge.They opened up an avenue which started in fitness and ended in Show Biz!

Don’t get me wrong, Fitness Community was growing rapidly in the 60’s and 70’s.I’m talking about the recognition of their work by the society. During the late 60’s, Power-lifting was gaining credibility.Other Sports like Cycling, Olympic Lifting ,Marathon running e.t.c were getting streamlined and systematic.

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In the late 90’s ,The general scene was splitting into two:-

  • Calisthenic style training(Endurance,Cardiovascular,Resistance),was being analysed.Workouts that were effective, that you could do from the comfort of your home.Workouts that revolved around utilizing one’s own body weight as resistance to bring about change.
  • On the other Hand, Fitness was being “Glamorized“.The money that could be made from the industry was starting to attract a lot of Corporate companies.This led to introduction of “commercial gyms”.The beginning of this revolution was by Joe Gold and his chain of gyms.

Now that you’ve read the backstory, Let me address the topic at hand!

The general public that fell in love with what pop culture was showcasing as fitness were interested in aesthetic benefits.When commercial Gym were ready to fill in that need, Gym memberships started selling like hot cakes!

People who were introduced to exercising through some sort of athletic activity preferred something more agile,with heart racing and with interesting activities peppered in.That caused the birth of Calisthenics, Power-lifting gyms and triathlon e.t.c.

Commercial gyms became the hub spot for people looking for a fit life.Amazing new machines and innovative nutrition helped the clients achieve their goals.But, Fitness couldn’t be contained to six packs and bicep curls!

That’s when people started realizing they could use elements of Hardcore sports and started practicing Functional fitness.

The Judgement-

Home workouts do give a certain advantage of flexibility(Whenever,However).But the number of gyms that understand wholesome fitness including calisthenics, are increasing.Hybrid Gyms ,Cross-fit Gyms, Power-lifting Gyms are just a few examples.I believe even though Home workouts are being utilized more but gyms are being revolutionized at an unbelievable rate.