• No matter how much you hate it ,include functional fitness workouts in your routine.Farmers walk , sledge pulls, plyometrics go a long way in maintaining health.
  • Core strength is absolutely crucial,But please don’t go about it the traditional way.Include Planks, unilateral holds i.e.- functional abdomen fitness.
  • Static Stretching is not a devil, especially if you’re recovering from an injury.Limit the static stretching(before workouts) to  the area that’s recovering.Post workout-give it your all!
  • Do not forget workout specific Warm-ups, Most commercial gyms preach 10 mins on the treadmill to get you warmed up.This is not ENOUGH.Opening up your hip flexors, the muscle you’re gonna work, rotator cuffs e.t.c can give  the edge you’re looking for.
  • If you involve long duration endurance sports in your workouts ,then plan sufficient recovery time. If you plan on doing 3 hours of cycling and hit a pr squat in the gym the next day, It ain’t possible without sufficient nutrition.