I’ve recently traveled 200 miles.I am currently living in a different state. The food, the climate ,everything is different.I haven’t trained in a month due to the shift.My Nutrition has taken a hit.

But it’s Worth it.

I am currently training under a World class power-lifter ,Mr.Raghu Hondadakeri.

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His approach to training ,His gym and its environment is phenomenal. I’ve followed a standard style of training (i.e. standard hypertrophy style training),with elements of powerlifting. But now my goal is to live and understand the Powerlifting lifestyle.

My approach to health is this-Wholesome Fitness.

I’ve been doing this long enough to understand that health and competition style training are not synonymous .It’s become a trend to follow a competitive athlete’s workouts.While it may get partial results,remember why you are doing this,What is your End game?

If it is to be healthy and longevity of fitness,do you really need the intensity of a competitive athlete?

That is why I strive to understand, what element of which sport is absolutely crucial for the average Joe. I’ve been experimenting with a lot of endurance , cardio and resistance training.When I start coaching people,I wish to coach from first hand experience rather than theoretical knowledge

I will be sharing the valuable knowledge that I learn here,in the next few blogs.My only wish is that, you experiment what you learn here and tell me what you feel and whether it suits you.